3 Tips For A Great Social Media Strategy

You have to be proactive and reach people where they are. And where are the majority of people? Social media. In fact, Facebook alone has over 2.7 billion users. The more shares you have on social media, the more opportunities people have to see your content and link to it. When you post to your Facebook business page and someone comments on it or shares it, you are reaching THEIR friends, for free! Most of our clients want to know how to make this happen. Read on to learn when and what to post to your Facebook business page to reach the most potential clients.

When Should I Post To Facebook?

More often than not in business, we need to go the extra mile to reach our potential customers. With your Facebook business page, you can show off your industry expertise by regularly scheduled posting. In turn, this will generate leads that can turn up clients. Here is our recommended schedule for best days and times to post, without paying for Facebook Ads.

Important Notes:

  • Try not post more than once per day, otherwise you posts will become “spammy” and you may very well lose followers, so pick one time per day.
  • Have your post ready and prepared before the day/time listed. You want to be consistent and timely with your posts to reach the most people.

What Should I Post To Facebook?

Writer’s Block. It can affect us all. It’s a blank page and a mind of swirling, unorganized thoughts. Fortunately, we have many ideas ready for you to implement to your Facebook business page that will engage your audience and pull them in. Below is our recommended starter-list of post ideas for your Facebook page.

Important Notes:
  • All posts should be less than 40 words. Facebook posts with 40 words or fewer earn 86% more engagement than longer posts.
  • Mix up posts with and without links; don’t post a link on every post.
  • Add an Emoticon to some posts. Posts with Emoticons have a 33% higher share rate, a 33% higher comment rate, and a 57% higher “like” rate. 
  • After posting to your business page, share it from your personal page. It will reach people who haven’t yet “Liked” your Facebook business page.
  • Turn on Facebook notifications and be quick to respond to client comments. ALWAYS reply in a professional manner to uphold your brand image. If you get a negative or sarcastic comment, reply as if you are talking to your elderly grandmother (be respectful).

What are some Facebook post ideas?

  • Go Live! People spend 3 times longer watching a live video than a posted one and it’s one of the fastest ways to build your brand. Before going live, let your audience know you’ll be going live (i.e. Post “Hey, guys! I’ll be going live at 2pm MT today to answer your burning industry-related questions. See you then!”).
  • If you’re too nervous to go live, a 1 minute (or less) industry-related video of you showing off your expertise with a quick talk works great too. Always begin by stating your name & company (and maybe even end with your slogan, if you have one).
  • Behind-the-scenes-photo post (or scenic photos when you are out-and-about doing your job – like a mountain photo and “just another day at the office”).
  • Meaningful quotes that might be industry-related and relevant to your brand.
  • Funny quotes or thoughts (Friday is the best day for this). Don’t post anything political, racist or mean.
  • Industry-related fill-in-the-blank with a colorful background (leave the blank for others to fill in with their comments)
    • My favorite thing about Colorado weather is _____.
    • The one word (or GIF) that best describes my usual (insert something related to your industry here) is ____. (This could be great to have people respond with a GIF)
    • If I could snap my fingers and (insert something related to your industry here) would be ____.
    • If my (insert something related to your industry here) stopped working I would probably ____.
  • True or False question or an engaging Poll
    • T/F: I wish I could change my (insert something related to your industry here) from my couch. (if this is something you are able to make happen for your client)
  • Blog Post links (if you have a blog on your site that you want people to read, post a link to your recent blog post with a short enticing sentence to get people to click it).
  • Business Announcements (i.e. ”We’ve moved locations”, “Help us welcome our newest staff member” or “We’re on vaca next week”)
  • Holiday wishes (post on every major holiday that you celebrate i.e. “Happy 4th of July!” or “Merry Christmas!”. Make sure to post a holiday-related image)
  • Job Postings: if you have an open position in your company and are looking for applicants, post about it.
  • Event Information: if you are at (or hosting) a local event in the area and want others to know or join you, post about it.
  • Sales: Seasonal sales or deals, maybe with a promo code and a seasonal photo. 
  • Kids/pets: if your little one or fur-baby is “helping” you on the job or is sitting near your business sign, snap a photo and post something cute or funny about it (i.e. “Our newest hire!” or “Celebrity Sighting at Company Name”). Also, don’t post photos of other people’s children -you need permission.
  • Your Work: Post Photos of Recent Work Completed  and a prompt for more information (i.e.“Just finished installing this brand new, gorgeous water heater. If your water heater is over 15 years old, give me a call and I’ll be happy to help you upgrade to a more energy-efficient option.”)
  • A photo of your happy customer with their new product they purchased from you. (post could read: “Congrats to John Doe, Our most recent happy customer with their new industry-related product (i.e. a photo of a car salesman with his client in front of the shiny new car and a short paragraph about the make/model and how happy the customer is)
  • Community Outreach. If you do something philanthropic while representing your business, post about it! Always try to include a photo or video and a short paragraph of what you’re up to. If it is for an organization, include their website link to reinforce your support of them. It will prompt others to help them and show your community involvement, which people love and love to support.

This is not an exhaustive list and we encourage you to do your own research into other ways to promote your business page on Facebook. Happy posting!

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