The Startup

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The Client

Elemental Thermal Bras started as a college class-project for Emily, Susan and Haley, that solved a problem experienced by a breast cancer survivor named Jodi (hear her story), who underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Because of the lack of tissue and the replacement with implants in her chest, she found she was constantly cold and struggled to stay warm. The team created several versions of a thermal bra that helps the wearer hold their core temperature, even when out in the cold elements. The solution and final product evolved into the creation of the company Elemental.

The Challenge

The team at Elemental had just started their company and branded it internally but needed a website with selling features and a knowledge base. Not only did the website need to inform breast cancer survivors about how their thermal bras were different and could help, but it also needed to have Shopify integrated into the WordPress site for their warehouse shipping.
The items they needed help with were:
  • WordPress site with knowledge base
  • Coordinating Shopify site creation for sales
  • Seamless integration of Shopify and WordPress

The Solution

The team at Lead Creative Co created a new WordPress website, Shopify site, and integrated the two seamlessly. We used their existing branding, logo, and photography and created a stunning website at through which they could educate survivors and previvors as well as sell their amazing new products.

Additionally, we created two seasonal landing pages that they could use and update, as needed, with new sales information and photography.

The Impact

Because of the website development we implemented, the team at Elemental is able to reach breast cancer survivors and previvors to share their knowledge base and their brilliant products with them. Check out their Facebook page for reviews and events.

The Testimonial

What our client thinks of us:

“Lead Creative Co is one of the best companies I have worked with while starting my company. The team goes above and beyond in everything they do. Extremely flexible with meeting times and places, which is huge for me since I work full time while trying to get my start-up off the ground. They worked with my budget to get my beautiful site created and always get things updated right away when I request changes (with their monthly maintenance plan). I would highly recommend Lead Creative Co to anyone who wants a great website, from a great team, for a great price.”
Emily Austin, CEO
Elemental Thermal Bras